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Summer Camps Open Enrollment February 17th, 2021
Registration is February 17th, 2021.

This year EEC is working with Metropolitan Community College, College for Kids program. We are excited to work with the Metro team to teach those interested in the equine industry.

To enroll please click on the link provided to register.

June Registration(Ages 6-12)  https://coned.mccneb.edu/wconnect/ace/ShowSchedule.awp?&Mode=GROUP&Group=C4K&Title=College+for+Kids

July Registration(Ages 10-18) https://coned.mccneb.edu/wconnect/ace/ShowSchedule.awp?&Mode=GROUP&Group=C4T&Title=College+for+Teens


June 1st to 4th 9-3p.m.(Ages 6-12)      
June 6th to 10th 9-3p.m.(Ages 6-12)    
June 21st to 24th 9-3p.m.(Ages 6-12)
July 12th to 15th 9-3p.m.(Ages 10-18)
July 19th to 22nd 9-3p.m.(Ages 10-18)

Our day consists of morning riding lessons, crafts, games, and different types of horse care each day. On the last day, parents may come watch to see how much their child has learned, fill out a survey with their child on how they liked the camp, and feed the horses treats. Camp is a wonderful way to build friendships, responsibility and teamwork. It also allows our campers to learn and build their riding skills much faster because of the consistent riding day after day.


For beginner camps each child will be given approximately one hour per day on horseback. Children will have the opportunity to ride several different horses which will help their riding capabilities to grow. They will also get a chance to ride in both Western and English saddles and this gives them a chance to see which style they think they may prefer. The speed they will ride at and the obstacles they will learn to navigate through will vary based on skill level because safety is our priority.

Dismounted Lessons

It is our goal at Elkhorn Equestrian Center, that all children have a positive experience both on horseback and on the ground. Therefore, we strive to give children time to interact with horses on the ground as well as time to learn horsemanship skills that will help them with horses for the rest of their lives. Depending on the age range students will learn information ranging from how to bathe a horse, horse colors, and basic first aid.


Campers and parents please arrive no earlier than 8:45 a.m. Please walk your child into the building as we need you to sign them in. Parents please arrive no later than 3:15 p.m. for pick up please come into the building to sign them out. There is a $10 late fee for arriving after 3:15.

Dress Code

Long pants or jeans (no shorts). It is recommended to bring a bag with a change of clothes. Closed toed shoes: boots with a heel (no tennis shoes or sandals). If your child arrives in sandals they will not be able to ride that day. Helmets are provided by EEC during camp but if you prefer to use your own you may purchase one at your local Tractor Supply or a biking helmet will work as well. You may also want to bring bug spray and sunscreen.


Please bring a disposable sack lunch, water bottle, and pack a snack for our break time. Lunch will be 45 minutes long. There is no microwave provided to campers.