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Riding Lessons
Learn how to be a well-rounded equestrian!

We offer lessons starting in beginning horsemanship (ages 6+) all the way to the advanced levels. We offer several types of western disciplines here at EEC, including but not limited to; Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Reining, and Timed Events. we also 4H based horse classes and birthday parties. We prepare all of our riders to become a part of our show team and if desired students can attend local open and 4H shows with us once they are ready. We do have school horses available, but availability is limited especially when reaching the levels of showing. You decide when and how many lessons are right for you, however we recommend at least 5 lessons to gain a basic understanding of beginning horsemanship, or to brush up on your existing skills.

Lessons involve total horsemanship, not just riding, so come prepared to learn more. You will not only learn proper riding skills, but you will also learn about feeding, grooming, safety, how to properly care for your horse and proper care of tack and equipment.

We believe the more you experience on horseback, the better rider you will become. You will not only enjoy one-on-one instruction, but you will also get to ride with others in the arenas, as well as experience our 3/4 mile track in the summer months. If you are wanting to purchase a horse, and want to learn how to care for them properly, we can definitely show you how!

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Lesson Packages

Packages are based on 4 lessons a month. Months with 5 weeks will be an additional cost and not included in the base pricing. Our trainers are incredibly committed to their students, and ask for the students to be fully committed to the program!

Boarder Individual Package: $280
Boarder Group Package: $260
Non-Boarder Individual Package: $300
Non-Board Group Package: $280

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Meet Our Team

Kellie Dimitroff

Co Founder

It is my mission to see children grow in a passion they have always dreamed of. EEC provides a one of a kind facility to board your horse. We have the ability to help teach you to learn to ride the proper way in a safe and loving environment.